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Repair of urethero-nephroscopes and operative scopes


Bereich: Reparatur-Service
Land / Region: Weltweit


Quality, quickness, reasonable prices.

Maintenance of rigid endoscopes of every model and brand, exchange replacement, refurbishment.

Repair and final check with sterilization  and technical report which includes computerized evaluation of optical and geometrical parameters, with images and diagrams.

Repair of urethero-nephroscopes and operative scopes

Full repair, including image guide fiber or prisms replacement.

Light cables and light instruments

Sale, repair and/or exchange  of light cables of every brand, model and dimensions; maintenance of fiber or bulb  front lamps.

Inspection, repair or full refurbishment on light instruments such as valves, etc….

Light sources

Repair of light sources, bulbs replacement , preventive maintenance, and electric security tests.




Anschrift: CORSO MARCONI 146
E-Mail: amministrazione@mediteck.it
Telefon: 3346947030
Website: http://www.mediteck.it
Beschreibung: Mediteck S.r.l. was born in 1993 and during the years has developed a great experience in the repair of traditional, specialistic and micro surgical instruments, of orthopedic, neurosurgery and dental powered instruments.   23 YEARS EXPERIENCE AT YOUR SERVICE All this has assured us a quick and constant growth in sales but above all in the cooperationwith the majority of hospitals and Biomedical Engineerings in Italy and Europe: France and U.K. in particular. Year after year we have implemented our service offer, learning the technology to repair rigid and flexible endoscopes. Thanks to our customers’ satisfaction we opened two new repair facilities, including in our staff, very expert and skilled technicians in these specific areas. We are a company projected towards innovation and new technologies like, for example, the medical instruments marking with RFID (radiofrequency identification) or with innovative DATAMATRIX systems or made by micropercussion, and the refurbishment of Ultracision hand-pieces and Phaco emulsifiers.
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